Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Word Verifictionary: mighggv

Neel Mehta
mihggv (me-guh-give): I give, and give, and still no verifictionary contest results.

Sorry, Neel. Can it really be five weeks since the last Word Verifictionary contest? Gosh. Do I need to reduce it to monthly? Time will tell.

Wendy is this contest's hands-down winner, as she posted at least three entries good enough to win, and a bunch of other good ones to boot. (See appendix.)

In honor of the Tour de France, prizes are announced in (Pepe Le Pew- style) French:

Le Grand Prix, Cordon Bleu, etc., etc.
fexil - A drug to cure fecklessness, from the makers of Paxil

Les Runner(s)-Up
Sleep Goblin
uszlj: ("use-a-lage") A type of measurement denoting usefulness, often used by those who wish to appear smarter than they really are. "You got a new camera? Cool! What's it's uszlg?"

Neel mehta
kdvqk (KID-vac): toddler with tendencies to suck up edible and inedible items on the floor.

Les Mentions Honorables
Janelle renee
momusr: A person (usually a sibling) who takes advantage of Mom's generous nature. They are often guilty of being a dadusr, too.

clbprhi ("clob-per hi!"): What Lucy from the Peanuts shouts in her Kung-Fu class when clobbering other classmates. Such a drama-queen!

xyprbndz (XY PR Bands): Music bands hired by PR firms for promotional functions when the target audience is straight female (XX) or gay male (XY).

Neel mehta
kdvqk (KID-vac): toddler with tendencies to suck up edible and inedible items on the floor.

idskyl (ID-skill): the ability of underaged people to make themselves older and probably of another race, for purposes of identification.

pccqmkd (PICK-em-kid): how parents fill out lottery tickets.

jgnvtoj (jog-and-VETO-age): President Bush's morning routine.

Joint Tortfeasor
kfrug: knit, furry rug. (The kind you see up north in cabins.)

Warren p.k.
yusmgls -- "youse muggles!" (referring to non-magical people from Brooklyn)

wolym -- a golem's female mate (y'all ever seen a golem??)

ygfeyryg -young celtic fairy

jpypi: pie made from rare but delicious jpy berry.

Quinn the Brain
jycyqp (juicy-quip): one of those sexual-tension-filled one-liners that get flung back and forth at parties to which you're never cool enough to be invited

eyqks (eye-quicks): those furtive glances used to size up attractive people without them noticing you.

Mr. Verb
ykgpksnn (ook-g?p-k?-s?n: 'person from Ykgpks'.

Moral Turpitude
ifojbar (I fo' jhe bar): Statement indicating a preference to eat at the bar rather than wait for a table in the main dining room.

Oscar Madison
hbmzoae -- "homeboy-mezoae": single celled homeboys from the paleozoic era.

The Dubious "Can You Top This" Category
rncmfy (RN-comfy):
a relaxed nurse. -- Neel Mehta

a nurse who works as a "comfort woman" (see ongoing Japan/Korea conflicts if phrase is unfamiliar) -- Warren p.k.

a recliner manufactured by hospital supply companies for nurse's break rooms, costing 5 times as much as a La-Z-boy -- Oscar Madison

The "My Word Verification is a Real Word" Award
My verification word is a real word: "sunny"

Les autres bons mots de Wendy
emhssa - (EM-sah) a word of deference for a female of superior rank.

fbiluf - the act of disguising a wad of cash to appear to hold much higher denominations than is actually there.

ivxwe - I vex we - an ungrammatical admission to annoying not only yourself but your entire social group simultaneously.

eyjlzjcy - (eye-jizzle-juicy) (1) the stuff that's usually in the corner of your eye upon awakening, but before it hardens into crust. (2) someone who is very easy on they eye.

sibtu - "Sib, tu?" An archaic phrase when trying to determine if two people are related. The phrase nearly made it into Shakespeare's "Julius Ceasar," but was cut for unknown reasons.

dxstng - (1) "seduce sting" - a con where the object is seduction (2) sad exes: the next generation - a show about the dissolution of second and later marriages.

ozgandbt - (1) oz gambit: a chess move that proves to your opponent that you are living in a fantasy world.
(2) oh, zig and bit:(a) horse tack. (b) a pub in the English countryside. (c) dancing and eating at the same time.

omyxxy - (oh, my! xxy!) what you say to an offer of a threesome consisting of two women and one man.

This is too funny! I love it.

My word verification for this post (I can see it below) is: eglik

Of course, an eglik is a small eagle who mistakenly tries to lick, rather than devour, its prey.
Guh-give is just brilliant: It's a perfect example of 'fixed vowel reduplication' (where you tack on another instantiation of the initial consonant of a word with some set vowel -- like 'uh' here -- at the beginning of the word. And reduplication (repeating chunks of sounds to make new word forms) often serves the role of making verbs mean 'to do something over and over again' (and to make nouns plural). Impressive.
Thanks, Mr. Verb.

Still a fan of Quinn's juicy quip, but Wendy's word was a worthy winner.
I think your reproduction of one of my entries "dxstng" should have been sdxstng, because otherwise it makes much less sense.

svcqodlt - "service queue delight" - the joy felt when calling a customer service number and getting a human being to answer the phone.
This was worth the wait. So many good WVs this time around. I especially liked Wendy's "ivxwe" and "sibtu" entries.

The "Can you top this" variation on the WV game is a brilliant idea, and looks like fun. I'm going to start playing along.
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