Wednesday, July 19, 2006


That 70s show

(My life as a rock star, continued...)

Tonight I'm participating in a "teach-in" on impeaching George W. Bush. I'm supposed to speak briefly on the legal and constitutional issues relating to presidential impeachment, con law prof that I am.

A teach-in! How early-70s is that?

Equally reminiscent of the '70s is the organizational finesse of the left, insofar as the organizers were unsure what time the event was to begin and issued a detailed agenda and order of speakers only late last night.

Anyway, I'm happy to participate. As Dan Savage would say, ITMFA!

Are you also locked in the room?

Everything old is new again.

nwinhd - (1) the north wind (2) a no-win hand
When are you going on tour?

momusr: A person (usually a sibling) who takes advantage of Mom's generous nature. They are often guilty of being a dadusr, too.
The ITMFA link made my day. Thanks.
Hi Oscar,

I am baffled that you would waste your time on an issue like this, you are so sensible in most other areas.

The chances of Bush being impeached are, to be generous, small. If they succeed, they would put into the presidency someone that conservatives like even more than Bush.

How is that helpful to your cause?

Best regards,

Why such a skimpy post here? The material must have been rich. If it wasn't, the fact that it wasn't should be milked. Why are you holding back? If it was iced coffee or something pestering you in a train station, we'd have six block paragraphs! Come on! I mean dbp is right that the idea of impeaching Bush is stupid. (Did you analyze the downside of success, quite apart from the miniscule likelihood?) This post is so frustrating!
I Watch That 70's Show Online and this is my favorite American television series.
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