Sunday, July 02, 2006


Sometimes trash is really just trash

Our Town has a thriving culture of what it calls "trash picking." This sounds like, but decidedly is not, rooting through garbage cans, which would be sad and yucky, but rather a social contract in which potentially reusable items are put out on the curb with the trash in an implicit offer to the public: "help yourself" to anything you may find useful. Almost invariably, any such item gets snapped up hours before the trash pickup crew arrives the next morning.

Some of my friends make a hobby out of trash picking. They will dine out for years on stories of how they trash-picked a picnic table, a perfectly decent bike, a pair of great old cross country skis.

Moral Turpitude is furnishing her new solo practice law office these days. Clearly, she is doing what she can to keep her overhead down, but I would really like to steer her away from picking up this sort of thing.


this seems like a perfect invitation for your devoted readers to share their favorite trash-picking successes! mine, from NY (which has the same tradition) include a silver russian samovar, picked up in 1980 and still, 26 years later, adorning my kitchen counter. slightly dented and missing its top, it is still a lovely looking thing.


nnppr -- a stuttering anchor on national public radio that a color printer?
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