Friday, July 21, 2006



I checked today's temperature on, and was informed it was going to be a high of 83 degrees. A bit skeptical, I hit the "refresh" button on my toolbar. The web page now said there would be a high of 72 degrees.

I feel this incident is rife with symbolism and double-meaning. I'd try to work it out here, but I have a train to catch.

I think 72 degrees is more refreshing than 83 degrees.

And the bird is fake.

ipogzny: Sometimes I pog zany, somethings I pog sane.
I hope this train you have to catch is a train of thought, or whatever it takes to post your eagerly anticipated verifiction results.

kdvqk (KID-vac): toddler with tendencies to suck up edible and inedible items on the floor.
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