Sunday, July 02, 2006


And now, back to our regular programming

I try to avoid "meta" blog posts talking about the style of the blog, but I can't help but notice how verbose I've been recently on the pages of CM. Long, rambling posts and humor that, if it's there at all, can be spotted from so far off that by the time the punch line arrives one feels only boredom. And sentences like that last one.

Maybe the frustration of not being able to blog every day while traveling has skewed my style. Maybe I'll get back to my pithy, funny self now that I'm home.

But what if this blog depression is more chronic than I thought? What if my funny is just gone?


Good god! Did I just use an emoticon?!

For help with dealing with the issue of "losing your funny," might I refer you to one Janelle Renee over at Just Thoughts?

I hear she has quite a bit of experience with this problem, and is sure to give you friendly, yet professional, advice.
I thought some of your "verbose" posts from your travels were right up there, among CM's best.

Bloggers who worry about being boring rarely are boring.

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Sleep Goblin is right. I always lose my Funny. Funnies are tricksy little things.

Somebody gave me some very good advice once. "Leave out some cookies. It'll come back."

And it did!

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