Thursday, May 04, 2006


Wednesday Word Verifictionary on Thursday!

This week's theme: "better late than never." And look who the winner is!

First Prize
Janelle Renee
buzhrs- (buzz hours) occurs right after happyhr

Runner(s) Up
Phantom Scribbler
ogtoqret: the tourniquet recommended if you are bitten by an octopus.


ruzsqzm - (rooz-skiz-em) A difference of opinion amonst scam artists as to what kind of scam to pull and how to pull it. The gang subsequently splits up into splinter groups

Honorable Mentions
neel mehta
qpheef (CUE-feef): a stage direction to introduce Scott, a cat burglar who comes at night to steal dentures.

warren p.k.
hdolihov -- trying to say "holiday" after way too many pina colatas. hold the pink umbrellas.

dqokbtv -- dairy queen: ok but too viscous

xvfpeo -- x-files kinda people

mvadg -- moving adagio -- a slow saunter

sbdrmdt = so be a doormat!

feng li
usznw: cabdriverspeak, "relax" / "calm down".

zxcmeu - (zee-eks-see-meu) a new sports car from Mazda, designed for cats.

inbigiqa -- the latest viagra knock off, guaranteed to make your "qa" a big'n.

wrknenff - (workin'-en'-off) what you do with extra donuts that you've consumed: "I ate too much yesterday, now I'm going to the gym and wrknenff."

Janelle Renee
-- A laxative formulated specifically for porcupines.

--"That is to say" just takes too long to say.

(lawn flick)-- You know you're at the cool neighbor's house (and that it's summer!) when you're invited to their outdoor BBQ & Movie Party. The movie? It's projected onto the side of their house, and starts at 9:00PM. (When it's dark.)

(Rx: NY. So long!)-- I'm self-medicating. Trip next month!

And the Special Award for "best word verifictionary related to the accompanying blog post":
Oscar Madison
jeohs: the obligatory expressions of humility to be uttered in response to a compliment.

(Written on Neil Mehta's blog after my comment filled with slobbering praise for his blog.)

Wow! I don't deserve this award. What an honor. First, I'd like to thank my mother for always believing in me, my dad for giving me that never give up drive, my sister for... [loud music cuts in, rest of speech inaudible]

Thank you, Oscar!
wow! janelle got an oscar from oscar!

I am so honored.
How come I never win? Sniff.
Janelle and Phantom -- you earned it.

Warren -- good one. Somebody had to say that.

Tonya -- you must enter to win.
Enter . . . schmenter

You shouldn't be so rigid in your application of the rules.

Besides, we all know that Janelle has been cheating. ;-)
How does one go about entering the Word Verifictionary contest? I have seen it around you blog, but was not sure what the "official" rules are...
oops you=your. i am not really illiterate...
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