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For some reason, I went back and read some of my posts from a year ago, when I was traveling in Europe. If I don't say so myself: boy, are they good. And the ones from Amerstam are really funny. Check out this one from Monday, June 20 and scroll up for a couple of days.

Or this description of Amsterdam from Tuesday, June 21:
one giant youth hostel with a smattering of Dutch locals on bicycles added for ambience.
Or this trenchant observation:
Amsterdam has been an international merchant city for over four hundred years, so I would have expected the Dutch merchants here to be industrious and clever business people. Why, then, in a city studded with so-called "coffee" houses selling marijuana to patrons for on-premises consumption, aren't there dozens of all-night delis and bakeries at hand?

Okay, this is pretty cheesy to recycle my old posts like this, but I've realized that blogging is worth its weight in gold. (How much does blogging weigh?) Travel blogging really enriched the experience of traveling for me. I admit it must have been annoying to friends and loved ones when I kept saying things like, "Hey, an internet cafe! Can you amuse yourself for an hour while I write a post or two?"

But it connected me to the experience more deeply. Instead of collecting physical mementos, I would collect blogworthy moments and then weave them into spun out riffs of memory. (Danger -- mixed metaphor!) And rereading my blog with both photos and text takes me back there more effectively than home movies ever did.

I can't wait to do that again this summer. There will be travel blogging on these pages. Stay tuned!

You may be amused to know that on every vacation, I have carried a small notebook, in which I would write what happened that day and perhaps jotted down an insightful comment (if I, in fact, made an insightful comment). I called it a "travel journal". Even if it was only on hotel stationery (if I neglected to pack an official notebook). Maybe I should convert them into blog posts...

But your travels last year were much appreciated by we-who-remained-home-for-most-of-the-summer.

dligv - a delivery announced by someone with a new tounge-piercing.
I adore your travel blogging. It was one of the highlights of my whole frickin' summer. I can't wait for more!

ogtoqret: the tourniquet recommended if you are bitten by an octopus.
Phantom -- how nice to see you again! It's been a while!
I'm here -- I've just been lazy about clicking through. But you're as entertaining as ever!
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