Saturday, May 13, 2006


Project Runway footnote: "It looks like a giant laundry label got sown on the outside by mistake!"

Since I'm really ignorant of the fashion world, I'd never heard of Michael Kors, the "famous designer" who is one of the regular judges on Project Runway. The sharp-tongued Kors provides most of the more bitchy, catty comments on the Project Runway contestants' designs.

He's got one hell of a nerve. Imagine what he'd have said if a Project Runway contestant had designed this:


It looks like you took a gray turtleneck and just stuck a big piece of pink duct tape over the seams.

It looks like the Times Square electronic teletype is running across your shoulders. And don't you wish you were that famous!

It looks like your mom got carried away and wanted to make extra sure your sweater didn't get mixed up with someone else's laundry at band camp.

I love your comments, especially the band camp one.

I can't believe Michael Kors feels comfortable putting down other designers when that grey and pink billboard is part of his repertoire. Yuck!
Maybe if we are all really lucky this Kors fellow will put a big label on some parachute pants and they'll come back into style. Or maybe some bell bottoms, they can try to make another comeback.

Can't touch this!
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