Friday, May 05, 2006


I post another animal picture in a shameless ploy for increased blog traffic

Remember Toonces the Driving Cat?


I wonder if that car-driving dog is available for baby sitting.

vviif -- I tried to come up with something, but I don't have a clue what these letters could possibly stand for. Maybe I'm word verifictionary challenged.
holy sh*t! that looks just like my old car!! wait. OMG. that looks just like my neighbor's dog!!! OK, what I want to know is -- how did Geico price the insurance for the family's apparently canine second driver?


mmqhnfu -- mongolian kung fu
wpk: How do you get mongolian kung fu from mmqhnfu? I'll give you the fu but the rest of it just doesn't work for me. There's not even two Ms in mongolian.

Are there no standards here?
tonya --

you have been a lawyer waaaaaaaaay too long. time to spend some time taking classes in abstract art or post-modern literature. expaaaaaaaaaaand your mind!


zdpdg -- the last page in a canadian book

(oh -- and tonya? the canadians say "zed" instead of "zee" -- and don't hassle me about the extra "d" in the pg for page!)
Waaaaaaaaaren... what's with the multiple letters? Keyboard stuck?

And why take classes in abstract art when Koko's gallery is online?

smonad - a monolithic structure in the shape of an "S" (I admit to being influenced by Robert Sliverberg in his novel "The World Inside", where everyone lived in urban monads)
OK. As the current Word Verifictionary Winner (yippee!), I feel compelled to help Tonya out. That is, if Tonya doesn't mind.

vviif: What Warren P.K. types when others would type "vif", short for "very interesting fact."

Looks like Warren P.K. and Wendy inadvertently helped out, too! :)
You aren't talking about me or my blog post... WTF! Just make yourselves at home.
wpk: Are you seeeeeeeeeriously comparing word verificationary to aaaaaaabstract art and postttttttt-modern litetttttttttrature?

Oscar: Hey, I did talk about your blog post (in spite of it being a shameless ploy for increased blog traffic). Next time please post photos of kittens or puppies. They're really cute!

Janelle: Thanks for the help.
der al f u gys -- tks fr yr reactns. i wil stp usin so mny letrs in my psts.


(se? i evn drped th "p" frm my nam)

nyectl -- think of a rectal exam, but in the throat
wk: To funy!

Tonya: You're welcome!

Oscar: OK. Here is what I didn't write, but thought about your post...

Aren't we, your loyal readers, enough? Don't you prefer quality traffic over quantity?
Dear sweet Oscar,

When your commenters start forming a community amongst themselves, your website/blog/whatever becomes more than just a blog... it becomes a community; a place where people meet up and chitchat. That's what happened over at many years ago, and the guy now makes his living from that cartoon (and it's not syndicated into print anywhere as far as I know).

walmkxx - the high you get when shopping at walmart.
And just because this one is too good to let go:

dlzgm - (dazzle-gram) a card, email or other message containing lots of sparkly bits.
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