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High Spring II: Spring Fever

Would it really be Spring without falling in love? Passionate, head-over-heels, life-will-never-be-the-same love? Love that makes you realize how, before, you were just settling for something that was not good enough. New love that makes you feel like love itself is something new?

I'm in love.

DSCN7378 DSCN7386
My new love objects. Left: toaster oven. Right: wiper blades.

For over two years, since we first drove the car off the new car lot, the wiper blades weren't quite right. If the rain was anything lighter than a downpour, they would make a dry-rubber-on-glass scraping sound like the World's Loudest Snoring. They would leave blurry streaks making it particularly hard to see in bad weather.

I thought, "that's just the way it is with this car." But we finally got the wiper blades replaced and I now know that it should always have been like this. They wipe the windshield clear as... well, glass, I guess. And they sound like butter.

The toaster oven we knew was no good. It didn't have a warning bell to let you know the toast was done. There was a light that would silently flicker off and, unless you just sat there and stared at it, your toast could get cold before your realized it was even toast. Eventually the old toaster started to break down -- chunks of plastic broke and fell off the nobs, and finally the door would not stay shut unless you propped it shut with a Rube Goldberg alignment of kitchen implements.

When we finally got our butts into Target -- a real ordeal for us -- to replace it, we walked out with a toaster oven that proved to be no good. (I should have been tipped off by the company name, "Euro-Trash.") Its instruction manual confessed that it did not actually toast your slice of bread, but would instead slowly bake it for nine minutes until crisp. Nine minutes for a lousy piece of toast! What an outrage to use the name "toaster"!

The so-called " 'toaster' oven" went right back into its packaging and sat in our home until -- the days turned into weeks -- we could work up the nerve to go back to Target.

What we finally brought home was worth the wait. It sits in the corner, trim, unobtrusive, but kind of cute when you look at it. Its timer not only has a warning bell, but also makes a comforting ticking sound, as if to say: "Don't worry! I've got it all under control!"

I now understand that my relationships with my old wiper blades and toaster oven were abusive. They are behind me now. I feel reborn.

My old roommate got my toaster in the divorce and I'd like to replace it with a toaster oven. Can you suggest a brand?

What does butter sound like?
I think I might have a thing for my bike lock. It makes it easy to go anywhere on my bike without fear, and it fits around strangely shaped objects, which helps when state street is all torn up.
Perhaps because there is no real winter in the Emerald City Area, my springtime love began in February, when I bought a GPS system for my car. Now, no matter where I am, a soothing voice murmurs to me "left turn in point five miles" or, if I go awry, "right turn, followed by a right turn and a right turn" to bring me back to where I should have been. And the patience of my new friend! No matter how many times I ignore it or make a mistake, it never gets angry. It never says "You incompetent fool of a driver, left turn NOW!!" Nope, it just says ""if possible, make legal U-turn."

Our significant others should all be so forgiving!


mknyyrhm = make NY your home
Is there anything retail therapy won't cure? (Besides the clap.)

voyewo (voy-eh-WHOA): a Peeping Tom that found something really good.
Hm. You know that hot scene in the movie Titanic? Not the drawing room one, the other: in the car down in the cargo area?

I'm seeing a man, a toaster and windshield wipers in that car. Not so sexy. A little funny, but also weird.
And they sound like butter
hmmm... I never thought of sound in terms of butter.
Is it better/worse than sounding like margarine? I'm actually partial to "I can't believe it's not butter" m'self. :)
MT and Lena -- you've inspired me to write an update to this post about butter.

Neel -- your Word Verifictionary is the front-runner for the next contest.

Janelle -- did they turn on the wipers in Titanic? I don't remember that.

Warren and Madruse -- those sound hot!

muiuiui -- (French) Pepe Le Pew saying "yes, yes, yes!" Note the "mmmm" leading into the "oui."
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