Monday, May 01, 2006


Great minds think alike; good minds sometimes think somewhat like great ones

While I was haranguing that journalist panel about corporate penetration of the blogging world, and wishing that I could somehow take those guys down a peg for their overly narrow conception of what a blog is, Althouse was haranguing a conference of law professors at Harvard on those very topics.

She submitted a paper for the conference which deftly takes all-law-all-the-time bloggers down a peg. Althouse has a clear vision of the blog form and has resisted all kinds of pressure to turn her blog into just another boring legal periodical.

Blawgs* ... Yuck!

* See here: "words like 'blawg' for 'law blog' make me want to throw up. Or at least point out that you really can't be cutesy and edgy at the same time."

Yeah, I noticed that too. I wish I could have heard your talk.
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