Thursday, April 06, 2006


"You're having a bad hair day, and you deserve it"

This fabulous one-liner -- you have to understand that my hair did in fact look really bad -- is what B said to me in response to my fabulously nonsensical statement to her.

We'd just finished having coffee together at Grandma Moses, and B walked me to the bus stop. I assumed that we'd part company and I would read while awaiting the bus, which was nowhere in sight. When B lingered, I said: "Well, I'm going to catch the bus now."

Awww. If I didn't know both you and B, I'd envision some lunchbox-delivering mom type ruffling the little tykes hair, as said child wished desperately for his mother to leave so that he could be "cool" at the bus stop.

eglaap - the egg tray from an Ikea refrigerator.
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