Sunday, April 23, 2006


When "grrrrr" melts into "awwww"

Saturday, 2:00 p.m. -- I repeat, 2:00 p.m.: my living room as in-law crash pad.


Close up of neice's bed in foreground:




rxnysl (Rx: NY. So long!)-- I'm self-medicating. Trip next month!
Tyrone wants to know if the bunny is seeing anyone special.
I dunno, I guess we'll just have to check out their "butt tags."

umuzzej -?
My aunt and uncle would spend the night sometimes, when I was a kid. If the bed was still out in the living room, at 11am, then my dad would comment about the place looking like a "flop house." I loved these pictures.

I don't remember us having any bunnies around, though.

Oh wait... memory trigger:

With that same uncle, I guess I once found something in the yard and took it to him to ask him what it was. As the story goes, he held out his hand, I put the stuff in his hand. Then other adults intervened to inform us that the stuff was courtesy of the pet rabbits we had received as Easter gifts from my grandma. (Note: the rabbits did not stay with us for long.) Uncle still gets teased about that incident to this day--as if not allowing children to put anything in your hand is some kind of rule all adults should know, instinctively. Did I miss the manual?
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