Sunday, April 30, 2006


What I really wanted was a gargoyle, but all I got was this lousy trained cat


The cat is on the roof (of my garage).


If you think this is just a random post about cats, you're wrong: it's a shameless attempt to generate blog traffic. Did you know there are people right now surfing the web for cat images?

Here's a blog that linked to me last year because it was compiling a list of cat links.

Here's a post of mine with cat pictures. See? You looked!

Blatant blog manipulation. I thought you were a bigger person than that.

Is that YOUR kitty? I can't imagine that you'd have a cat.
fair enough. you got me. i looked at the other cat post!


dqokbtv -- dairy queen: ok but too viscous
Well, if all you're looking for is hits, I'd try pictures of toes.
Did not! I have concluded that for every ten who click on links, there are ninety who do not. I am part of that ninety in almost 100 % of blog reading. It cuts into the flow of things. Buck stops at reading.
I actually found your page by searching not for 'cats' but for -gargoyles-. hehe ah well, I got here and that's what counts, right? *grins*
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