Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Turns out I have a low IQ

I recently took one of those "IQ tests" that pops up on the Yahoo portal. I'd have copied it, but it's an ephemeral banner ad that didn't recur after refreshing the page 20 times. So, instead, I'm reconstructing it on my own:

Question. Which of these is not like the others?

a) red ant

b) spider-front-full

c) monarchonalf

d) housefly

My answers:
The red ant, because that's the only one I'm afraid of.

The butterly, because that's the only one that's pretty to look at.

The fly, because that's the only one I'd kill without any qualms.

I guess knowing the answer the test-writers are looking for is a kind of intelligence.

The answer is (d), because the graphic is the only one with a logo on it.

ptfzsf - the noise made by equipemnt on the bridge of the USS Enterprise when it erupts in a shower of sparks after a phaser attack by the Klingon Empire.
It's (b) because a spider's not an insect. Or am I being too literal about this...?
Majorsteel: Please tell me you are practicing some super-subtle meta-irony. Or are you just a really guileless person with a high IQ?
and another vote for d): there is no background to the image (or it's white), and the fly has no context.

rxmgl - (arh-eks-mogul) A pharmacist.
Suckas! It's (b). Only the spider is facing down; the others are facing the right.
the butterfly is the only one that transformed itself in a cocoon
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