Monday, April 03, 2006


Stop your netching. Or, actually, start netching -- it's really fun

Dane 101 has created a fun questionnaire, which I linked to in my previous post. My favorite question, and my response, is reprinted here, so that I can open this important public dialogue:
9. If you could replace the word "blogs" in the cultural lexicon, what would you replace it with?

I'm told that the word "blog" is a shortened form of "web log," as in "Jeremy Freese's Weblog." This is very artificial, because nobody calls the internet the "web" anymore -- that's so 90s. And "log" is so Star Trek. It's outdated and geeky and creates an irresistible temptation to make up new words with "blog" in it, like "blogosphere" and the god-awful "blawg" (for "law blog").

I would change the word "blog" to "netch." That's short for "Internet journal," shortened by dropping the "Inter" and the "urnal." It sounds like "kvetch," which a lot of blogging is, does not as easily lend itself to new wordplays, and is based on a more straightforward description of the enterprise. Ooops, there's that Star Trek thing again.

actually, in star trek they use "captain's log" (aka "clog"), first officer's log (aka "flog") and personal log ("plog").

clearly you need to add star trek to the sopranos on your epitaph.


kchuwuq - kachoo work -- the hard job of getting that last little tickly thing to finally turn into a proper sneeze
I'm glad you are attempting to expand this conversation. Blog is a lazy word that I wish never made it to the level it has reached. Sadly, I think we are stuck with it as no one can seem to think of a decent alternative.


Thanks for the blog of the week nod for Dane101!

So those were your actual answers and not Dane101's attempts at answering those questions as if it were you answering those questions? Wow. I thought I was the only family member who ate in front of the TV. Oh, right, you just got cable re-installed.

kowmmkj (cow-min-ski): The last name of a famous Eastern Eurpoean cattle family.

and (because I didn't type the word the first time I tried to post this response)

ormetq: the line of non-rabid fans waiting to get last-minute tickets for the game today at Shea Stadium. (the rabid fans already have their tickets)
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