Saturday, April 15, 2006


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I had a post in mind for existential Friday. The day began well enough, with a pre-dominating performance by me in my hockey scrimmage. (I don't mean dominating, or even predominating. What I mean is that although I did not dominate, the possibility of my domination of a scrimmage in the near future seemed within reach. Maybe I should just say that I played pretty well, for me, and had fun, and leave it at that.)

Anyway, the day took an unpleasant, wearing turn, I got caught up in events, and forgot what my blog post was going to be.

This morning, it was sunny and the birds were singing, and I remembered. So, even though I just wrote it, I decided to back date it to Friday. Here.

Now, not so fast there, Oscar ... just how WAS the scrimmage there? Deeked the goalie for a highlight reel score? An oh-my-god pass for a stunning goal? Stopping the big dogs on big plays? Another hat trick? Maybe some key steals, sweet passes, just feeling like you were in the right place at the right time? We need details.

Verification: ckanibum ([skænəbʊm], scan-a-bum, noun, slang/colloquial): 1. North America: electronic security search of politicians as they are processed into jail after arrest on corruption charges; 2. chiefly UK: Practice of photocopying or scanning one's bare posterior, esp. on office equipment.
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