Wednesday, April 19, 2006


A premonition that my love affair with ice hockey will end badly

For a long time, I loved hockey as a novice. It's just a great game, and it gave me something to aspire to, and I was incredibly excited by my own ability to learn and improve at a demanding sport at my age.

In the last couple of weeks, the game has further seduced me by giving me a different kind of enjoyment. I've started to play well. No longer am I playing like a robot dissociated from my body and obeying remote control commands (move feet! move stick to puck! turn around!).

Today, I felt I was really keeping up with the fast paced Wedesnday a.m. scrimmage and having a great time. Then, with about 10 minutes to go, the defenseman on the other team hit a hard shot off the outside edge of my foot.

A few weeks ago, I took a hard shot off the inside of my foot, between the ball and the ankle. I couldn't walk for two days, and missed over a week of hockey. The puck is hard, and the skate is remarkably unprotective of the foot (other then the hard shell at the toe and the heel). I don't know how bad this injury is -- I can imagine being back on the ice on Friday, and I can imagine a slight fracture that takes months to heal. Foot bones are tricky.

I've also had a couple of close calls in the form of collision near misses the last couple of days. On the one hand, I congratulated myself on my dexterity. On the other hand, I realized I may have just been damned lucky.

How long can I keep playing this game? Are my days already numbered?

TEASER: Check back early evening for Wednesday Word Verifictionary!!!


Wasn't that one of your past WVs?

(I'd look for it, but I'm too lazy.)

Fun hurts, but keep playing!
can you get more protective skates? It could be worse, you could be stopping the puck with your face or something.

Injuries kept me from fighting in the SCA. That and some slight feeling of common sense.

qkebx - an American second-grader's attempt at spelling "Quebec"
Thank you thank you thank you Oscar my dear friend. I am sittng here trying to think up exam problems for the products liability section of the torts exam I am writing and, voila, hockey skates with insufficient ankle protection, coupled with a beautiful assumption of risk analysis to boot (pun intended). I love you Oscar.


vggdr -- a naturalistic herbalist healer.
Ouch...can I just say OUCH?! I do agree with Wendy - at least it wasn't your face or hand or something. SHEESH.
Oh, BTW, I love you too! ;)
big week for blogger sports-related injuries.
Thanks you guys -- I'm really feeling the love!

MT, how's that rotator cuff? I find it particularly out-bumming that a youthful person such as yourself would have to scale back -- is volleyball once or twice a week so much to ask?

mjdqpbrf -- Michael Jordan Dairy Queen promo? Barf!
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