Tuesday, March 28, 2006


What's in a name

This morning at Rude 'n' Slow's, I was very excited to buy a chocolate-almond croissant, a baked offering I hadn't seen before. Would you feel disappointment if you were me, when the pastry turned out to be a "mere" almond croissant, though admittedly delicious in its own right?

Here's me:

Left brain: "This almond croissant is uh-MAY-zing!"
Right brain: "Where in God's name is the chocolate?!"

No chocolate?! I would have been bummed.
Would you mind picking up a cherry scone for me on your way into work tomorrow?
Does the chocolate almond croissant cost the same as the regular almond croissant?
Oh, there's a huge difference between almond and chocolate almond. I would have complained!
To me, an almond croissant is just a vehicle through which I get my chocolate.
although the almond croissant is quite delicious, there is NEVER a replacement for chocolate.
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