Saturday, March 25, 2006


What kind of coffee am I? Need you ask?

Inspired by the latest BlogThings personality profile quiz results posted by blog inspirations Sleep Goblin, Moral Turpitude and Just Thoughts, I give you my unsurprising answer to the question: "what kind of coffee are you?"



PS-- I wrote a post today that I think you'll like. Very existential, if I do say so myself.

wsnrm-- Was norm-- Your doctor's response, much to your relief, when you asked what your test results were.
aHA! you took the test and you're something weird like "You Like to Chew Coffee Beans Whole"!

i'm thirsty.

WordVer: "zkank" -- skank in French? i don't know. i just want to be a winner this week.
eerie. it says i am an espresso. and it nailed my personality. too cool. thanks.


zjemod -- the latest fashion ib bouejeans, straight from warsaw.
So wait. Are you making fun of us for using blogthings? Cause I believe I can kick your butt.
I'm Tea. Organic herbal tea. Nyah.


ppdougi - (papa doo-gee): What to call your grandfather, if he's named Douglas.
I was Black Coffee ... intense!
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