Sunday, March 26, 2006


What are my obligations here?

This morning, B met me at Grandma Moses. I have to go to the office today, so I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, as well as impatient to get on with it and get my work done, and go home.

B had justed plopped her stuff down and gone up to the counter to order her coffee, when she somehow got herself involved in a conversation with a guy who loves to hear himself talk. He just won't shut up. B is smiling and nodding, getting the occasional one-syllable word in edgewise.

That monologue style conversation has gone on for some 15 minutes and shows no sign of letting up. Meanwhile, I'm done with my coffee and ready to leave. Am I obligated to stay? In other words, do I

a) sit here and gloat about how she got herself into this mess by talking to a stranger who was, you could see from a mile away, going to bend her ear until the end of time.

b) pack up and leave. B will be shocked, like I'm walking out on her, and there will be consequences.... but at least I might be able to extricate her from her conversation trap on my way out.

UPDATE: You commenters don't understand! She was egging him on! Then I heard her say the words, "well, he's the academic." I looked up and saw to my horror that she was pointing at me. "Oh, no, you're not dragging me into this," I said to myself as I started cramming computer peripherals into my backpack. B returned to the table just in time to say goodbye and tell me that she just had a "really interesting conversation about Russian literature."

You have to stay if you had planned to meet her there.
You walk up and say, "Sweetie, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have to go soon."

That should shut him up.
Go rescue her!
I second Mike. What are you thinking?

Do tell us what happened.
Well, OK then.
in the "what kind of coffee are you?" vein, i have to ask: what's the name of that fab coffee that's made by letting a pound of coffee soak in water overnight in your fridge? cuz whatever it's called, this guy is that kind of sloooowww coffee.


"paxfri" -- Pax Fredonia
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