Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Wednesday Word Verifictionary Winners

Attention blog artists! (You know who you are.) How about make first prize, runner up and honorable mention banners for my Word Verificationary competition? Prizes will be awarded!

First Prize
warren p.k.
lovil -- ("low vil") -- typically prescribed as an anti-anxiety drug, it is used illegally by teens to lower willpower and increase impulsive behavior.

Runners Up
Tom Bozzo
kxcksq (kicks chex squares): The after breakfast scene in my house, given toddler table manners.

Neel Mehta
yfstvxg (ya-fast-VEX-age): that voodoo that you do so quickly.

ympqvg - your mileage per quart varies greatly. (this one just had to be an acronym)

Honorable Mentions
yfnjy--Why Fun Joy? The title of a future Existential Friday post.

Tom Bozzo
ductoi (duck-toy): 'you make bathtime lots of fun'

zapukkjn: v. (za-puke-jin) the act of gin-induced, violent gastric-evacuation by way of the esophagus. [USAGE: He was zapukkjn all morning after all those martinis he drank last night]

Znqkp: The zinc you keep, presumably better than the stuff you throw away.

mnhfrr ("men have fur") - a failed slogan for a shaving products company.

ayotjcl (a-yot-zhickle): a stalagtite of road salt hanging from the bumper of your car.

Neel Mehta
hijnd (hi-jend): the end of hijinks.

Oscar Madison
drsms (doctorisms): e.g., "take two of these and call me in the morning"; "you have a flu virus but let me prescribe these antibiotics just in case"; "lawsuits are the primary cause of skyrocketing health care costs."

wow!!!!!!!! first prize!!!!! whoooo hooooooo!!!!! (tho' i secretly susepct it is actually a consolation prize for failing to win with "qrmup" as gay muppets!)

thanks, Oscar!


jenrqbx -- "jenner cubics" -- Lego's new toy, featuring a "build your own Olympic stadium" set of blocks, in honor of bruce jenner

how about using the font creator at

and the levity font in a rotating format (see web page) for the following prize titles:



Honorable Mention! Yeah for me!
One for the current competition (see here) -- ilipjz: I live in PJs -- what I could do if I were a professional blogger.
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