Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Wednesday Double Week Word Verifictionary Winners

The competition was particularly stiff this week, since it's really two weeks of Word Verifictionary entries. Thanks to Janelle for being the one commenter who actually felt any disappointment over the lack of a Word Verifictionary post from last week.

And this (double) week's winner, getting a Double First Prize:

fszsb: [urbanspeak, acronym] Fo ShiZzle So Bizzle. Referring to an individual who lacks adequate time for social activity in his or her "hood".

and the Runner(s) Up:

Neel Mehta
cwndrdl (cow-en-DREI-del): the latest game craze sweeping Jewish farms.

craig kaye
tlfrygll - short for "tel-friggle" which is the plastic clip that keeps the phone cord or ethernet cord in place.

warren p.k.
kbrkd - (pronounced kuh-borked") (verb, past tense) having rejected a judicial nominee: compare "let's bork this judicial candidate" with "he's been k'brkd"

phzrzl (phaze-razzle): annoying people with a laser pointer whilst making buzzy science-fictiony sounds from your mouth.

A special "Making a Very Funny Joke While Keeping Just Within the Bounds of Good Taste" Award:

Moral Turpitude
Woah...look at my word ver: "ejacfw"

This week, a special award for "PJs"-related entries. Apparently, "pj" appears commonly in the word strings:
napjugy: a doohickey used for sleeping.

Warren P.K.
xpjms ("x pjms") -- pajamas that cross the gender divide, as when he wears the bottoms and she wears the top (tho it is much more fun in the reverse!)

Oscar (from prior contest)
ypjasmwr: (why-pjay's-mawr) -- a young child's whine about bedtime in certain North American regional dialects.

Honorable Mentions

aging law student
nesoroxg: slang meaning "lesser of two evils;" the metaphoric choice between having knees or oxygen.

janelle renée
yofmpdem (Yo! Fmpt! Deeee-mmmmzzzzz!)-- the rallying cry, a new product reflective, of yet the Democrats latest self-reinvention: application of rap artist lingo to invigorate the young black vote (or young white suburban black-wannabes).

oflozqbt-- Oh flows kibitz--Thing to say when one's had enough of it.

jtfsfs--This is a good one. I can tell. I'm putting it in the ante, and raise you a "dfsilst".

fbovbx--This blog is fab-ov-blox. One of those new, but annoying, blogwords (for lack of a better word) that means "fabulous blog".

Tom Bozzo
ywvddcup -- What You Would View if you were the late Russ Meyer.

fuslrjz (fuss-lr-gees): Having an allergic reaction to those who make a fuss.

dimmckgg - dim-keg. An empty beer container: "Bummer, man. That's a dimmckgg."

Sleep Goblin
tubrb - (too-burb') How I just felt when I was told that I typed the last verification in wrong.

craig kaye
eiespng - pronounced ice-ping, which is a putting contest held on the ice fields of the frozen tundra.

xrhzetjf (Sir HizetJeff): The hip-hop member of the Round Table.

Phantom Scribbler
ybrti: I don't know what it means, but there are 55 results for it on Google.

Oscar Madison
mbgwb -- (am-bi-gyoo-web-bee): an ambiguity found on the internet or World Wide Web

opycep (pron. "oppy-sep") -- a misperceiving someone to mean the opposite of what he really said.

uyeon -- ("oy-eon"): the time period of the world following a major cataclysm, like global warming, a new ice age, or the Bush presidency.

And while it may be a tad early for this, special Lifetime Acheivement Awards go to Wendy and Warren p.k.:
ukffjdac (YOO-kif-jeh-dayk): a one-man band composed of a ukelele, shakers, and an udu.

bhzoteql: (1) the ancient Mayan Bee Goddess ("bee-zho-tek-el"). (2) drinks of the same volume ("zhot-equal")

zalvta (zalvta) - a yiddish word for "skinny woman": opposite of zoftig

vorxfmnm - (vorks-fem-en-em): women's work.

hafmb: (half MB) having only 1/2 the amount of (digital) memory needed to do whatever it is you need to do with your computer, camera, MP3 player, or other digital tchachkes.

bmolu - (BEEM-oh-lew): a common destination for a matter transmitting device. "I'm heading over to the bmolu; see you there?"

tosdaq - (toss-dak) (1) to drink a daquiri very fast. (2) A character name that wasn't stupid enough for George Lucas to use in any Star Wars film.

becruj (be-kruge): the application of makeup on the face, especially rouge, to the degree that it starts to cake and flake.

hkqvqy (hok-qwav-key) - a game played on ice. Players skate around and sing high notes. The player who cracks the ice with their voice wins.

Warren p.k.
gfmawufk -- something one of snow white's dwarves would say

msjnjd -- a tasty afghan stew

qrmup -- a gay muppet

llavzng (pronounced lav-sing) -- welshman singing in the shower

a lifetime achievement award??????? already???????? thank you, but i guess that means i am indeed old enough to need to color my hair, right?


dslvimqr - dominatrix sadist love maker
Woo-Hoo! 3 for 3: Honorable Mention! (Not that I'm keeping track, or anything.)
I won an all-expenses paid sushi lunch for 10 people this Friday, and now this?! I should go to Vegas because, baby, I'm HOT!


zapukkjn: v. (za-puke-jin) the act of gin-induced, violent gastric-evacuation by way of the esophagus. [USAGE: He was zapukkjn all morning after all those martinis he drank last night]
So, does everyone receive an honorable mention for playing, or is it really an honorable mention?
I had a good one over at Sara's:

ductoi (duck-toy): 'you make bathtime lots of fun'

but this comment has a workable captcha, too:

kxcksq (kicks chex squares): The after breakfast scene in my house, given toddler table manners.
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