Sunday, March 05, 2006


"This right here is where the gnarliest stuff I've ever done happened, where I really pinned it to the wall and, like, really threw down."

This is what one of the snowboarders featured in First Descent says about the mountains of Alaska, where he and other top snowboarders are helicoptered to the top.

I like the quote, because it perfectly describes how I feel about my blog.

Noticed a lack of comments for this post and the one before it. Found myself wondering if you have ever done an analysis of which posts generate comments and which seem to be (sadly) ignored.

kjtdoy - (pronounced kyitdoy, because the j is pronounced like a y) -- a doily made of fabric in scottish kilt plaids.
Please don't mistaken lack of comments as being ignored!

Often when I don't comment, it's because nothing else needs to be said, and I'm just nodding my head or laughing. (I'm not one to write "LOL")

fbovbx--This blog is fab-ov-blox. One of those new, but annoying, blogwords (for lack of a better word) that means "fabulous blog".
I love this. Both for it's reference to snowboarding, which I try to do sometimes, but also because I enjoy the idea of a law professor saying something like that.
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