Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The tax form seems a bit current-eventsy this year

If you need further confirmation about how our country uses the income tax system as a vehicle for social policies by offering tax credits for everybody's pet issue, look no further than 2005 IRS Form 1040, line 42:
If line 38 is over $109,475, or you provided housing to a person displaced by Hurricane Katrina, see instructions. Otherwise, multiply $3,200 by the total number of exemptions claimed on line 6d.
Problem solved!

And meanwhile, those Hurricane Rita refugees living in my basement are eating me out of house-and-home and I get squat!


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Um. It's Wednesday... word verification contest Wednesday?

OM must be busy.

OK, I admit it. I'm an underachiever. I live for "honorable mentions."
OM must be doing his taxes. I won't get to them till next week :(

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wait until you get to line 54:

Line 54, If your adjusted gross income as listed on line 42 is less than $22,450 then go to line 22, and sign up to enlist in the army.


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