Friday, March 17, 2006


Stocking feet

Sometimes it feels rude to just point your camera at people at a dinner party, but then how else do you get any cool pictures?


This looks like someone who has three legs. I'm betting that this just isn't the case.
Oscar, looks to me like you were at a party where people played those twisty games. Or danced a lot. Or something.
I just came back from a bar where I spent a good amount of time taking (soon to be posted) photos of people's hands. It's a limbs kind of week here in the Midwest.
Nice tripod.

yfstvxg (ya-fast-VEX-age): that voodoo that you do so quickly.
Speechless... run for the hills the aliens are back & they wear opaque tights & could be scottish! Haaaaar!

Janelle sent me by, so see your avatar. Very nice!

The Tart
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