Thursday, March 16, 2006


St. Patrick's Day comes early

One of our neighbors seems to take special pride in colorful holiday displays. The photo below doesn't do justice to the truly decked out look when eveyything is lit and the inflatable figure fully inflated -- a jack-o-lantern at Halloween, a turky at Thanksgiving, a snowman at Christmas, a bunny for Easter, a minute-man for July 4 and a leprechaun for St. Patrick's day. These figures are up for most of the calendar month in which the holiday falls.


It's a relief to me that they don't put up an inflatable Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks to celebrate Black History month -- that might seem more disrespectful than otherwise. I wonder whether they'll have an inflatable worker up for September (Labor Day).

Even though St. Patrick's day isn't until tomorrow, the Leprechaun has already been in his day-after-St.-Paddy's form all this past week.

DSCN7009 DSCN7013
The leprechaun on Tuesday, left; and Wednesday, right.

Should you really be making me laugh like that at work? Are you trying to get me fired?
Should I be trying to get you fired?

Making you laugh is why I blog.
I'd prefer you didn't get me fired.
What a sad little leprechaun! He looks so deflated.

hijnd (hi-jend): the end of hijinks.
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