Thursday, March 30, 2006


News from the Barista front

Rebecca, the new barista at Grandma Moses looked very familiar, and as I returned for a second glass of iced coffee in the same morning, she disclosed that she's a law student at My Law School.

Let's look at this from all sides. On the one hand, I think it's cool that a law student would get a job as a Barista at Grandma Moses. I hear from the other members of the Barista team that it's a good place to work, and it strikes me as a nice break from law study. I thought of applying for a barista job here myself, but I decided not to, primarily because I didn't like taking a job away from someone who needed it more.

Rebecca really fits in at Grandma Mo's, and she is bringing a nice upbeat energy to the morning coffee ritual. In contrast to her laid back, almost deadpan co-workers, Rebecca says things like "you got it" when you place your order.

On the other hand, there's the sense that one of my escapes from my life as a law professor has just been cut off. Rebecca, counting out my change, asked me what courses I'd be teaching next year.

And what if my coffee-house behaviors follow me into the law school? What if students start to say, "Professor Madison says he believes in workers' rights, but I hear he's a really stingy tipper"? Or, "how can Professor Madison teach us about the law when he sneaks in scones from Rude 'n' Slows?"

I don't know where this all leads.

Aha. Yet another example of the "you can't get away" part of the My Smallish University Town syndrome. After a lifetime of blissful anonymity in My East Coast Big Cities, my move to OM's town in 1989 was a shock. Buying a picture at a gallery and giving my address for delivery: "Oh, is that the old Lovejoy house with the studio on the top floor?" Flying out to a meeting and using miles to upgrade: "Oh, do law professors *always* go first class?" And worst of all for the un-fit among us, going to a local health club: "Oh, I'm in your large section of torts. Funny seeing each other in bathing suits, isn't it?"


nhjdsqco -- ok. get real. can anyone do anything with this one???
Wednesday Word Verification Contest!?!?!?

Here one from my comment on my blog, because like Warren, the one given me stinks:

oiyrfn-- (oi, yer fin)-- "Oye! You're fine!" is what Bruce meant to say through a mouthful of Cadburry Creme Eggs.
hmmmm.... I supose it would be more akward if she was in your class.

nhjdsqco -- "noodge disco": a dance club where annoying people who pester or whine can meet each other.
hooray for oscar, who wins this weeks WV contest with that subnission alone!


iymxa - "eye-mixer" -- a person with one brown and one green eye
You could try to get her fired.
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