Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My life as a rock star, Part II

When I told you about my life as a "rock star" a couple of weeks ago, I of course didn't mean literally a rock music star, but merely a sought-after celebrity performer with thousands of adoring fans. And when I described my "gig" with the high school social studies class, I didn't tell you the half of it.

The other half is that two days later, I did a standup comedy concert for our law school's "admitted students" weekend. Well, a presentation with jokes, anyhow. And I killed. There's something about those low-expectations audiences that really lets me thrive.

Here was the core of my routine -- a powerpoint presentation. I won't give you a recitation of what I said, just the slides:


Okay, not the most artistic powerpoint slide ever, but it gets better:


Great use of clip art, no?


is the guy in the last slide running away from a shark? (that would be funny)


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I heard it was a good presentation. Did you read your colleague Marc Galanter's excellent book "Lowering the Bar" in preparation?
I don't remember any humor at MY admitted students' weekend.
I don't remember any humor.
a comedy act to get kids to go to our law school? considering the typically anxious experience of first year, i fear this may be tortious misrepresentation. are we insured?


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