Monday, March 06, 2006


"Mistakes were made"

Or, the blogspot equivalent: "there were errors."

This is maddening. I'm trying to put Brevity is Wit in my Blog of the Week sidebar spot, but this simple operation has led to a maddening series of "there were errors" messages, preventing me from changing the template. When I check for details, I get such illuminating information as "broken pipe."

I have a broken pipe in my blog template. Does this mean I'll never be able to change my template again? I don't see how I'll be able to call a plumber for this.

May not be you - could be the server. Try again in a few hours, and if it persists, visit some various blog coding help fora for some help.

bmolu - (BEEM-oh-lew): a common destination for a matter transmitting device. "I'm heading over to the bmolu; see you there?"
"broken pipe"

Could you ask a snowboarder for some help?
You know, like they know about half pipes and all.

(Oh it loses something when you try to explain it though, huh? doh!)
Haha ... I hate messing with my template as I am afraid I will mess it up forever.

Good luck :)
You probably should try to republish the whole thing w/o error. (This happened to me once, and Wendy's come back later solution did the trick.) I don't know if this is related at all, but my newsreader isn't showing any posts in your feed since "grape juice."
Congratulations BOW awards to the BIW blog.

"eiespng" - pronounced ice-ping, which is a putting contest held on the ice fields of the frozen tundra.
Well, perhaps you fixed it by now, but your sidebar looks like it says Brevity is Wit to me..
New post! New post!
Oscar, your RSS feed still seems to be non-functional. You didn't turn it off or switch to something other than the Blogger default, by any chance?

With no feed, and no funny drawings a la Ms. Turpitude, it's a little too much work to figure out *when* you have a new post up.
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