Friday, March 03, 2006


"Grape juice good for aging brain"

I can't believe they're talking about me like that!

"The study -- partly funded by grape juice maker Welch Foods Inc....."

I heard the McDonald's Institute just released the "The Milkshake Diet," too. :-)


dimmckgg - dim-keg. An empty beer container: "Bummer, man. That's a dimmckgg."
That headline is completely ambiguous. Reminds me of that "Twilight Zone" "How to Serve Man" thing! I'd be careful about drinking that stuff.
I think you've each found one of the two flaws in this whole thing.
mbgwb -- (am-bi-gyoo-web-bee): an ambiguity found on the internet or World Wide Web
I love all the groundbreaking studies that conclude eating food is good for you. Grape juice, wine, ketchup, chocolate (this was my favorite -- men who eat the most chocolate are the least likely to die of any cause)... what haven't they covered yet? Sooner or later, I'll read one that will totally validate my diet coke habit.
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