Friday, March 31, 2006


Existential Friday: Epitaph

What would your friends say if they were polled today for their prediction of what your epitaph will eventually be? But an epitaph that would be so totally wrong?

Here's what I think my friends would say:

"His one regret was that he never watched The Sopranos."

I'll give you my old VHS tapes of Season 1, to get you started....

Verification word: rulezix

definition: a 6-year old with no front teeth explaining rule six.
What would be the right epitaph?

Is the word verification contest over? I promise, I won't mention it anymore.
Here lies Warren P.K., a great Republican.


(p.s. -- ok. so this is obscure. Warren P. Knowles was the Republican governor of Wisconsin, and my professorship is named after him, one of the great ironies of my life. Of course, my previous professorship was named after Elizabeth S. Wilson, a female law student who dropped out of law school to follow her husband to Indiana. Sigh. What's a feminist Democratic law professor to do?)
"Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Major Steel's a junkie."

For a family grave, I always liked the idea of an old "In/Out" office board, like on "Barney Miller". As each member dies, the survivors move their peg to the "Out" column.
WV: ljftnbk--a small elevator for books in Norwegian libraries
Sara: I will never watch that show! NEVER!

Janelle: So I skipped a week.

Warren: thank you for not hocking me to watch The Sopranos.

Majorsteel: Sounds like the next HBO miniseries.

cckelu -- ("cc-kuh-loo"): an ironic expression of feigned excitement for being copied on an email or letter, as in: "Q: Did you get a copy of my email? A: Big whoop. CCkelu!"
"So, I missed a week" is your epitaph, or is it a sassy remark to my disappointment of no WVC this week?

Snarky, either way.
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