Saturday, March 04, 2006


Can I please have amnesty?

My blog reading has been sadly neglectful in the past several months. I have not been reading, let alone commenting on, some of my favorite blogs.

You think it would be a simple matter to just start commenting again. But what if the blog has changed format or added a beautiful new title banner? I want to say "nice format" or "great-looking title banner" -- saying nothing seems almost dishonest -- but then the response is: "I changed that __ months ago! Haven't you been reading my blog? You are so busted!"

Anxiety over that whole thing keeps me away from the blog even longer.

So may I have amnesty? I'd like to come back!

Great looking title banner, by the way, both of you.

no worries...comment away! ;-) AMNESTY GRANTED.
Oh, people will just assume that you've been reading in bloglines or sage ... because they don't show the banners.

Besides, everyone takes a break from blogging now and then.
Laughing. Amnesty? Sheesh, I'm still surprised people read me at. all. Take a break, come back, it's all fine with me.

Glad to see you around, though!
MT is pleading your case. I think we've been over this before, but I shall grant you amnesty again. She's a good lawyer, huh?
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