Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Big night

Dude! Project Runway finale! Tonight!

Dude! Who cares? (what is this project runway obsession out there anyway? many highly educated intellectually snobby folks i know are totally hooked. i tried it a couple of time. i don't get it. i am missing something. i am perplexed. please explain.

llavzng (pronounced lav-sing) -- welshman singing in the shower
It's also Dad's birthday...(just a sisterly reminder)

hkqvqy (hok-qwav-key) - a game played on ice. Players skate around and sing high notes. The player who cracks the ice with their voice wins.
and just because I was presented with another word verification:

zalvta (zalvta) - a yiddish word for "skinny woman": opposite of zoftig
I actually have it on my calendar! I caught an episode last night. It's all about the creation process. It's nice watching other people in the middle of it to see that I'm not so different--procrastination, frustration, and ultimately (hopefully) joy.
Oh! This verification word was too good to pass up!

oflozqbt-- Oh flows kibitz--Thing to say when one's had enough of it.
And I thought you meant the premiere of America's Next Top Model. Now that's a reality show!
what time does the final episode start?
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