Wednesday, March 01, 2006


15 seconds more of fame

I appeared on yesterday evening's local TV news broadcast for a few seconds -- maybe as many as 15 -- in the show's lead segment. I won't tell you what the story was, or where, to preserve my precious pseudonymity, but I did not look or sound as horrible as I feared, considering I was wooly-headed with flu. And had a runny nose. The news station edited me kindly.

Not that it was good either. It seems that I've developed some sort of facial tic. It's a really strange-looking raising of the eyebrows. Where the hell did that come from? It seems that the more experience and wisdom I get, the more television stardom recedes from me.

In the segment, by the way, after my interview clip, the anchor cut back to the on-the-scene reporter who added a few facts and then referred back to another of my comments from the original interview. But she had forgotten my name and said, "as that law professor said..."

oscar oscar oscar ... do you still have the flu? this beast is really wearing on quite a while. can chicken soup be emailed?


p.s. watching yourself on tv always induces a very odd optometric phenomenon in which only ugly or peculiar things are visible to the naked eye. all the good stuff seems to land in the blind spot.
wjaxlq -- woops, axle, qu.. (the mental mutterings of an olympic ice skater failing in an attempt at a double-quad axle combination)
All this time I've been reading a celebrity's blog? Wow!

raymr (ray-mer)- the latest success in cross species breeding technology: a stingray-mermaid hybrid.
did you tape it? Those of us not in the local area want to see!!!


fjpds - (fudge-pads) protective devices worn on knees, elbows, buttocks and brain to prevent injury from bumping into things or falling down.
OK, this comment is just so I can use this word verification:

hgjlgo - hig-el-jay-el-goh (1) a phrase used in Elizabethan-era doggerel. ( ...and a-hey, ho, hgjlgo... hey nonny nonny hey ho) (2) a voluptuous hired date. (3) Something you say when you use your "Get ouf of jail free" card in Monopoly.
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