Monday, February 20, 2006


Will you please die, already?

William Safire has a column in yesterday's Sunday Times Magazine called "blargon," which is supposed to be blog jargon. Maybe I'm just creeped out by the Magazine's cover photo of George Clooney with what looks lizard-like eyes -- I hope that was simply an unfortunate photographic effect -- but Safire's column really irritated me.

To begin with, I hate the ever growing list of words that incorporate or riff on the word "blog." Blogosphere I can accept, but words like "blawg" for "law blog" make me want to throw up. Or at least point out that you really can't be cutesy and edgy at the same time.

Which brings me back to Safire. Doesn't he realize that he's trapped in a hopeless paradox? That, by the time a slang word reaches him, and gets defined in his column, it is, like, so totally over?

I agree about "blogosphere," and have used the phrase "in a previous bloglife." But the word is limited.

Here's hoping your verifiction words don't suffer a similar stillbirth.

udlmbkr (OOD-lum-BA-ker): a thug turned pastry artist.
blogosphere probably has its uses. I prefer the just-made-up-by-me words "Blogovoid" (which I think is more descriptive), and "blang" for "blog-related-slang". And I had a really funny third one, but I've forgotten it already.

(and I have a second definition for Neel's word - a pastry artist FOR thugs)

ghgwddpa (gig-with-pa) (please note this is a Welsh word, and the "dd" is actually a "th" sound in Welsh) the act of playing music with your father (who is a minstrel, bard, or fiddler) in a concert-like setting
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