Thursday, February 02, 2006


Why you turn to this blog for my uniquely insightful take on public affairs

Yesterday, I was basically knocked out by flu and spent most of the day deepening my understanding of public affairs with an historical perspective, by reading Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian. I would read a page or two of Churchill, drift into a doze for an hour or two, read another page, doze, etc. Okay, so I basically spent most of the day sleeping.

But by evening, I felt pretty much awake. Not clearheaded "Visionary. Statesman. Historian" awake, but sufficiently awake to watch four solid hours of back-to-back episodes of Project Runway. Even though I haven't liked any of his designs, I find myself inexorably drawn to Santino Rice and I hope he wins. Though I don't see how anyone's going to beat out Dan, who is as talented as he is cute.

Can you imagine anything more scary than being read out in your own workplace by Heidi Klum? I now have waking nightmares of her towering over me, with her big pregnant belly, saying:
Oscar. Your ideas are unoriginal and uninspired. Your jokes in class are not classy. Your course organization is sloppy. I'm afraid this means "you're out." Auf wiedersehen.
We exchange air kisses before I slink out of the law school forever.

On a related note: Today, I was back at work. Someone asked me, with perhaps a touch of smugness, why I hadn't gotten a flu shot. Had I been clear-headed and energetic, I would have explained:

(1) I don't believe in flu shots. Don't they just innoculate you against last year's flu rather than this year's? Don't flu viruses mutate extremely rapidly? It seems like a classic case of closing the barn door after the horse is gone, the medical equivalent of all the pseudo airport security we got after 9/11. Except that it involves getting a shot.

(2) If flu shots do work, the story is that there is not a large enough supply of flu vaccine for everyone to get one. That being the case, I don't feel like I'm in a high need category. So shouldn't I wait to get my shot for needier people to have their turn?

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uh-oh. The veil of pseudonymity is slipping....

Also, is Heidi Klum pregnant again?
oscar oscar oscar... putting aside that the flu vaccine is based not on last year's strain but on predictions of the coming year's mutations, and putting aside that there was no shortage of the vaccine this year, there's one more reason you should have gotten the vaccine -- your blog alone qualifies you as one of the high-value members of society in need of all the protection we can provide. indeed, i'd vote to put you in the bunker in case of nuclear attack!

your secret admirer,

p.s. on the other hand, i did get the vaccine, and *still* got the flu this year. sigh. in my case, too many hours sick at home watching tv led to tortured dreams, such as buying tickets to see fiddler on the roof with pussy bumpansero (one of the guys whacked by tony on "the sopranos")
Thanks, friend. You know who you are... and I don't. And thank you "majorsteel" (or "jet lemoir" as you're known to some).

Warren, thanks to you too, though I'm not sure how I'd feel sharing a bunker with Bush.
You should have definitely gone for the flu shot. The virus has obviously addled your brain, as evidenced by your putting down Churchill in favor of "Project Runway". Next thing you know, you're watching "American Idol" and it's all downhill from there.

BTW, I just picked up "1776" by David McCullough. Maybe it will find its way into your luggage on your next visit? I think you'll like it; he concentrates on the lesser players in the War of Independence. including your childhood favorite, Henry Knox.
"Someone asked me, with perhaps a touch of smugness, why I hadn't gotten a flu shot."

What a rude person. You were sick.

I hope you either sneezed on them, or remember how much they care about you making a comment like that. (They probably do not.)
I don't watch TV and I don't expose myself to much other media that talks about TV. But I've seen a couple of people mention Project Runway, and I kept reading it as Project Runaway, which I found confusing but sort of intriguing to contemplate what it might be. Then I looked at your link to the webpage and realized that there wasn't an A in there and that it was about fashion. I think I liked my other image better.
I never get the flu vaccine either - it's my excuse for a few days off from work! :) Although, this year I've religiously taken a vitamin called Wellness Formula (by SourceNaturals) and I've been flu-free all season! And that's saying a lot cuz I'm sick 2-3 times each season. They carry it at Whole Foods - check it out!
I was surprised you watched Project Runway - that's my favorite show (I'm a closet fashion designer). I must say I am intrigued by Santino, but I luv Daniel V's designs. He's my pick for the winner. Have a great weekend!
I forgot that Wellness Formula has to be taken before the barn door is open, and although I'm now sick, I'm started taking it yesterday. It is great stuff, and I will take it regularly once I'm better. Just "B"
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