Sunday, February 12, 2006


Why do bad things happen to good people?

Dick Cheny accidentally shoots, injures fellow hunter!

I'm not insinuating anything. I'm just saying, if the fellow hunter had happened to be someone who was going to go before the grand jury in the CIA leak case, do you think Cheney is the sort of person who would be capable of .... no!

Wow. Any remaining blaze orange support for this man should disappear at news of this one.

A respectable hunter knows you never put yourself in that position. "Know your target and beyond."

But this sounds more like a hop out of the car and fire hunt. With other cars watching.

the photo of Cheney that accompanies the article looks like someone who is daring someone to "make his day"

And we thought all those films that showed those wacky British aristos out hunting and drinking (and shooting each other) were fictional recountings of days gone by. Who knew we had our own "upper class twit of the year" competition?


vpvkociw: the v and k are silent (pronounced "pah-kew"). (verb) To nearly obtain an object.
The guy who was shot gave a mere $1000 to the Bush 2000 campaign and $2000 to the Bush 2004 campaign. C'mon! I gave more than that to the Gore and Kerry campaigns! How come I never got invited to go yachting with Kerry????

p.s. wbvvyeq (we be very cute)
Hey, warren p.k., I take offense at your ebonics word verification!
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