Thursday, February 16, 2006


"Santino... you're in"

My man Santino makes the cut in Project Runway!

In a rather bizarre moment on the show, the four budding designer contestants get an audience with a woman who's supposed to be a big player in the design world. Her advice? "I can't emphasize enough how important it is to be nice."

Whuh??? Isn't the whole show a case study in how really bitchy people get to run things?

It's amusing how much all the other contestants have tried to demonize Santino. Yeah, he's a little full of himself, but if he's so evil to them, you have to wonder what bubble they've been living in.

And that cute little Daniel, pretending to be "nice" -- what a snake! At least with Santino, what you see is what you get.

I think Santino needs to cut his hair.
i think oscar is watching waaaaaaaaay too much tv since he got cable.


p.s. vqcnqdbs
(vah-kwin-ka-do-bis) -- a first year law student who backbenches and passes when called upon, typically appearing with a vacuous look in his eye -- a vqcnqdbs student.
I've never seen the show, but I agree with Warren PK - cable TV has certainly corrupted you ! :-)

(Actually, I'll have to check out the show, although my plate is already full with about 10 hours of Law & Order reruns per week).

My word: "yofgueh"

As in "Yo, Fug You, Eh" or how an Italian-Canadian tells someone to F off, politely.
I think Craig Kaye's word verification demonstrates a great future in international relations! Made me laugh out loud!!


mhfpoabg -- absolutely no idea what to do with this one!
I need TiVo. That's the one show I regret not catching when it airs.

Talk about a tough act to follow! (Craig Kaye--nice one!)

"limwu"-- Lim Wu's instant message account i.d.
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