Monday, February 06, 2006


The morning after snow: fog

From the snowfall a couple of weeks ago. Nothing like a little fog to make you think you can take pictures.


Above and below: Our Lake Park


Our Lake:



Intrepid runners in mist.


The fog does not lift -- it settles.


Wow. Those are really beautiful. Color me jealous. Jealous to the max.
I second Wendy.
From one photographer to another - Great pictures. Beautiful textures and lighting.
wow... so pretty! Those runners are so lucky to have that kind of view - I think that would get me off my couch too. Although... it does look kinda cold.
Love the photos. They have a nice ethereal quality and the light is quite heavenly.

You are developing into a very talented photo blogger!
Really gorgeous, Oscar.
This makes me almost miss the snow, biting cold, frozen eyelashes, and frostbite. Ah-choo! (Or as my word-verification word says: Sgxsnif!)
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