Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ice floe


In the winter, Our Lake is "supposed" to freeze over, stay frozen for a while and then thaw. But this winter, with the kooky temperature fluctuations, it froze then thawed early. As temperatures dropped again, the lake only partially refroze, and has basically remained open for the last few weeks. Disappointing for skating, worrisome for global warming worrywarts like me, but at times strikingly pretty or interesting looking. Here are a few images:



When this ice floe slowly drifted by, I thought: "Cool! Swan riverboat gambling"!


DSCN6855 DSCN6854
The thin line between water and ice.


The Lake that Can't Make Up Its Mind


Swans don't gamble because they don't have pockets.
Nice photos. Good job capturing the scene on the lake.

I dunno, MT. Looks like those swans are checking to see if they have pockets.

gqaqtd (GQ-act-ed): Wore a sharp suit to pose for some imaginary magazine cover photographer for reasons beyond metrosexuality.
It's true.. Maybe they keep them stuck by their breasts..
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