Monday, February 20, 2006


"I don't count wind chill when deciding whether to order iced coffee"


I'm on record as stating that I drink iced coffee so long as the temperature is in double digits. The title of this post was my response when it was pointed out that the temperature was 7 degrees "with wind chill."

I thought we were on the same coffee-page. But I was wrong. Iced coffee is for the summer. I wouldn't listen The Ramones in the winter, would you. There is a time and a place...
Iced coffee knows no bounds of time, space, or weather. However, all of the above apply to Iced coffee, enjoyed OUTDOORS (sorry, I dont know how to underline in html).

Thats a fine looking glass of my favorite beverage. Enjoy.

word: "jkanhsxu" - a Japanese version of Jack and Jill. (jack and sue).
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