Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Am I too grade-conscious?

A few days after getting my doctor's glowing oral report over the phone about my cholesterol, I've just received the letter putting the results in writing. It says:
The results of the tests have been reviewed and are acceptable.
Acceptable?!? I didn't take my cholesterol test pass-fail! I took it for a grade! I want the letter to say that my test results are star-studded and fabulous!

I audited my blood work.
I will mail you a sticker sheet of smiley faces and "Good Job!" stickers. Would that help?
Better still, hows about a dollar for every point you are below the national average?

Seriously though, I agree. Call the office and have them send you the exact numbers for your records to compare in future years.

You haven't been pounding down all those Cheerios and Quakers Oats for nothing, eh?

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