Thursday, January 19, 2006


Floral crime scene

B has taken to growing flower bulbs in cereal bowls inside our house. I can't say I didn't warn her.

The flowers started out cute and pretty, and all.


But then things got out of control. We came home one evening to find this scene.


With the doors and windows locked, no sign of forced entry, and no pets in the house, the evidence pointed to a single suspect.


Hehe. This feels like an MT post. Awesome.
The white paint on the wall? Did it feel threatened by the flower's perfect white? I know I would have.
Thus we see an example of sibling rivalry among flowering bulbs. This is similar to birds pushing their siblings out of the nest.
Wait a minute. Is that a folded suicide note on the floor? We need a thorough investigation before blaming other flowers and painted walls!
It does have an MTish quality, doesn't it? Except that MT would have done a more thorough crime scene investigation and would not have overlooked the possible suicide note -- which, alas, can no longer be found.
GUILTY! 25-to-Life. That's my verdict!
So sad. They were best buds growing up.
Neel -- As puns go, that's pretty good.
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