Friday, January 20, 2006


Existential Friday: break's over

I don't want to become one of those law professors who complains about how hard I work. Law professors have little cause for complaint in terms of work-life quality.

But I have to say that this recent Onion headline really resonated with me:
Plan To Straighten Out Entire Life During Weeklong Vacation Yields Mixed Results
I do this every winter and summer break. I plan to straighten out my life. I come up with a reasonable to do list to get right on as soon as classes end:
1. Grade papers and exams.

2. Write a law review article.

3. Catch up on the last few months of Supreme Court decisions.

4. Plan my courses for next semester. I mean really plan the hell out of them. To the point where the course is brilliantly innovative and so carefully choreographed that I can walk in the classroom and it will teach itself.

5. Clean office. I mean really clean the hell out of it. To the point where every piece of paper in a file drawer and every book on the shelf is in a logical, easy-to-find place and, more importantly, has a good reason for being in my office at all.

6. Clean the home office. I mean really clean it -- like the office at school.

7. Read a book a week for pleasure.

8. Make a good start on learning a new foreign language.

9. Learn electric guitar.

10. Travel somewhere exciting.

11. Reconnect in person with most friends and family members who live in other places, so this means travel, not phone calls or emails.

12. Catch up on blogging and blog reading.
Well, since classes started this week, I can report on my accomplishments vis-a-vis this list:

#1: check!

Dude, you are so totally ahead of where I'm at.
I wish I could plan my classes so they seemed brilliant and taught themselves. In reality, I spend the night before every class deciding what the hell I'm going to do (I suspect this is more the reality than advanced planning)
To get you started on your foreign language study, here's a way to relax on your travels:

How to order a beer in 47 languages

Afrikaans 'n Bier, asseblief

Basque Garagardo bat, mesedez

Belarusian Ad-no pee-vah ka-lee lah-ska

Breton Ur banne bier am bo, mar plij

Bulgarian Ed-na beer-ra mol-ya

Catalan Una cervesa, si us plau

Chinese Ching gay woh ee bay pee joh

Croatian Jedno pivo, molim Yed-no pee-vo, mo-lim

Czech / Slovak Pivo, prosím Pee-vo, pro-seem

Danish Jeg vil gerne have en øl

Dutch Een bier, alsjeblieft

English One beer, please

Esperanto Unu bieron, mi petas

Estonian Üks õlu, palun

Finnish Olut mulle, kiitos

French Une bière, s'il vous plaît

German Ein Bier, bitte

Greek Mee-a beer-a paraka-loh

Hungarian Egy pohár sört kérek

Icelandic Einn bjór, takk

Irish Beoir amháin, le do thoil

Italian Una birra, per favore

Japanese Bee-ru ip-pon ku-da-sai

Korean Mayk-joo hahn-jahn joo-se-yoh

Latin Cervisiam, sodes

Latvian Vienu alu, lu-dzu

Lithuanian Prašau viena alaus

Maltese Wiehed birra, jekk jghogbok

Norwegian En øl, takk Ehn url tahk

Occitan Una cervesa, se vos plai

Polish Jedno piwo, prosze

Portuguese Uma cerveja, por favor

Romanian O bere, va rog

Romansch Ladina Üna biera, per plaschair.

Russian Ahd-na pee-vah pah-zha-loosta

Sardinian Una birra, po piaghere

Scots Gaelic Leann, mas e do thoil e

Serbian Yed-no pee-vo, mo-lim

Slovene Eno pivo, prosim

Spanish Una cerveza, por favor

Swedish En öl, tack Ehn irl, tahk

Twi Mame beer baako, mi pawokyew

Turkish Bir bira, lütfen

Welsh Cwrw os gwelwch in dda

Yiddish A beer, zeit a-zoy goot
Mr.V: Okay, you didn't finish your grading, but I suspect you accomplished other things. Or are you just saying my list is better than yours?

Psycgirl: I admire your reality-based awareness of your course preparation methods. Maybe I should just stop making crazy lists.

Warren: To English ears, the Afrikaaner version sounds like you fling an insult at the bartender: "A beer, asswipe!" Maybe this is how the Boer War started.
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