Thursday, January 26, 2006


Client makeover

High profile criminal lawyers supposedly coach their clients on their appearance, to help them win the battle in the "court of public opinion" and then, eventually, in the actual court.

Who the hell is representing Jack Abramoff?

"Black is the new black," says Jack Abramoff, pictured here
sporting his new line of "Thug Who Bribes Public Officials" outerwear.

Have you ever seen a defendant who was better dressed for the role of "guilty as charged"? Was this getup a requirement of his plea deal? If not, then counselor, for God's sake, get that man a beige overcoat, lose the fedora, and get him in front of the cameras so the media can make a new file photo!

Is he in the Mafia? He looks like he's in the Mafia. Guilty!
While I agree with your reaction (it was mine too), I read an article on Salon where someone had a different perspective. (Unfortunately, it may require subscription to read.) For what it's worth:

Here's the first paragraph:

What's in a hat?
By Stephen Hirsch

Jan. 6, 2006 | The picture of Jack Abramoff walking out of a federal courthouse on Tuesday wearing a distinctive fedora is by now iconic. And chances are, like Howard Fineman and Maureen Dowd, you thought he looked like a gangster. But that wasn't my reaction. What struck me was that Abramoff was wearing my hat, a Borsalino, the ne plus ultra of Yeshiva boy caps. Tucked tight on his head, pinched even, perfectly symmetrical (if a little deep for my taste), it was immaculate.
I'm guessing that we'll see a new look when it comes time for sentencing. A physical manifestation of the "I'm a changed man" plea for a lighter sentence, if you will. Then again, that might be giving him and his counsel too much credit?
Judging by the coat and fedora, I'd guess that Abramoff is represented by Boris Badinoff and Natasha Fatale.
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