Monday, January 30, 2006


Blog of the Week

Is Blog of the Week back?

I've known several Canadians living in the U.S., and my impression has always been that they were not particularly into the expatriate thing, talking a lot about Canada and how much they missed it, or just showing how much they were staying in touch with current events. They invariably would seem to pass for Americans, and I'd only be reminded of their Canadianism when every few years I'd have this conversation:

Oscar: Who did you vote for for President/senator/governor,
Canadian: I can't vote here. I'm Canadian!

This week's Blog of the Week, Apples Over America, is written by a Canadian expat living in Massachusetts, but is full of expatriate consciousness. It's full of Canadian current events and perhaps some nostalgia for "he old country." (Can Canada ever be properly referred to as "the old country"?) But more importantly, Apples is very funny in a weird way, weird in a good way, extremely sardonic, and well worth a visit.

I think Canadians in America (liberal Canadians especially) survive by living in a state of denial. Said state of denial does not allow you to acknowledge that you may never return to Canada. Existing in this state means you KNOW someday, you'll be going home ;) I know I am.
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