Sunday, December 25, 2005


Xmas movies

You know how popular musicians will try to put out a Christmas song as a personal cash cow? Like Bruce Springsteen doing "Santa Clause is Coming to Town"?

There's a similar thing in movies, I think, where they'll put in a somewhat gratuitous Christmas scene in order to make it a "Christmas movie" and release it during the lucrative holiday season.

On Christmas Eve, we saw the funny and offbeat About a Boy -- I wasn't thinking of it as a Christmas movie, but the fact is, it has no less than two Christmas scenes, including the finale.

We also rented Donnie Brasco, with Johnny Depp playing an undercover FBI agent who cozies up to wise-guy Al Pacino. B and I realized a few minutes into it that what we really meant to have rented was Donnie Darko. I like to think this was an understandable mistake. Donnie Brasco got kinda boring and we stopped watching it after about 20 minutes. But it had a surprisingly funny Christmas scene in which the two mafia thugs -- Pacino and Depp -- exchange Christmas presents, thanks and emotional hugs. The funny part was that the presents are each an envelope with a large wad of cash.

I'll never again be able to give a money Christmas present without thinking of the absurdity of two guys exchanging gift-wads of cash. It's the thought that counts.

It's no more absurd for a father to contribute money so his son can purchase a coveted XBOX360, and then the son turn around and spend the same amount of money on the father to get him a satellite radio system.

Why these 2 people couldn't have just kept their own money and purchased things that both of them actually wanted is something I will never understand.
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