Thursday, December 01, 2005


Reader appreciation

The results of the headcount are in, and I was pretty close on my 30-40 estimate. Within the 24 hour period starting when I put up yesterday's post, there were comments from 37 folks.

Boy was that fun to read all those comments. They were so nice -- even those who just said "Hi" or "I'm here." It was actually quite touching. I'm sort of misting up now... really.

To show my appreciation, I'm going to visit all of your blogs this weekend. Those of you who have blogs, that is. Those of you who are "anonymous," I'll spend a moment wondering about who you might really be. Those of you who are neither anonymous nor have blogs, well, bless you.

Meanwhile, I'd like to offer you some apples, picked from an orchard in Bayfield, near Lake Superior:


They were picked six weeks ago, but they're good "keepers," meaning they stay crisp and tasty for a while. Here, have a whole box of apples.


Some of them are organic. Check out how they kill flies in an organic orchard:


Pretty cool, huh?



they kill flies with a red death star christmas tree ornament???
I was going to tell you how delicious your apples were, but then I choked on mine while laughing at Wendy's comment. Gah....
If I send my boyfriend down to the law department on Monday, will you let him pick mine up?
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