Tuesday, December 27, 2005


In-law unit

Let's see how good your detective skills are.


This photo depicts my current situation. What can you surmise about it?

Clearly, since I'm only posting now, late in the day, I've been on the road. Indeed, I'm holed up in the guest bedroom at B's brother's house -- note the title of this post ("In-law unit"), and the tell-tale luggage in the foreground.

I'm grading papers and exams. It's that time of year. There they are on the bed.

My prospects for a good night's sleep are somewhat in doubt. To begin with, doing work in bed is bad sleep hygiene. And that most excellent wall painting is pretty darn vivid for sleeping under.

They have Wi-Fi! (That's Phantom Scribbler on my laptop screen.)

Does it get any better than this?

yeah, but the murals are kick-butt! The stripes on the back wall would keep me awake or instigate a seizure, or both.
are those *typed* student papers rather than miserably handwritten blue books? good for you m'boy! your eyesight will be preserved for yet another year.


p.s. i wanna have another childhood with a room just like that one!
Cookies could make it better.
I love the trippy bedroom decor.

Sweet dreams.
Damn! I wish my blog originated in such a cool-looking space. And my kids wish it, too.
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